Mother’s Day Weekend

315875_4236493477445_61511608_nIf you are like me, you may still be rushing around trying to find that perfect gift for mom. It’s not an easy thing. What do you get for the lady who does so much, not just for you, but for everyone? It has to be perfect. It has to have meaning. It has to be something she will love.

First of all let me say, relax. We stress over the perfect gift when mom just wants the things that are most important to her, her family. This picture means so much more to my mom than the dozens of other gifts we have showered on her in years past. This picture contains what she treasures most (minus her new grand baby!).

So as you are on your gift hunt remember, mom will love it, but she will love being with her family most. She will treasure the time she spends with you this weekend. Sure family functions can welcome family drama, but leave it behind this weekend. This weekend make it all about mom. Let her sit back and glow with uncontainable joy being among her most prized possessions.

If you would like to get mom some family memories I am offering to all my clients my current promotion on Groupon:

$59 // 30 minute session, 15 digital images, one 8×10, three 5×7, three 4×6 prints.

$89 // 60 minute session,15 digital images, one 8×10, two 5×7, three 4×6, one 11×14, one collage poster.

Mother’s Day Weekend

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