Planning Themed Parties for Kids

to the rescue

I will be honest, planning a child’s birthday party is nothing like it used to be. When I was growing up an awesome birthday party was an evening at Chuck E. Cheese, or hosting a sleepover. The bar of standards is much higher now. With mommies so active on social media there always seems to be recaps and pictures of ultra creative birthday parties that make you wonder, “is that even real life.” They may seem too perfect to be real! You think, “they must have spent weeks planning and spent a whole lot of money to make that happen.” Well regardless, there are some ways that you can put together the perfect party that your child and friends will love. So here are some tips to make planning your kid’s next party simple, creative, fun, and inexpensive:

1. Pick a theme!

This helps spark ideas and keep everything cohesive. Plus it allows you to immediately plan things around what your child likes. If you kid is into Toy Story (like these two cuties are) go with it! Everywhere they look they will find something related to what they love.

2. Use Pinterest!!

I am not an avid pinner like some of you may be, but Pinterest comes in real handy when I need to plan a party or get some inspiration. After you pick a theme for the party pin away! Create a board just for the party and pin everything related to your theme. This will spark some creativity and help you stay inspired when you feel like you are out of ideas.

3. Plan a photo session

This right here is probably the best tool for planning a party. Schedule a themed photo session. You will want some pictures showing your child at their new age, but use this as an opportunity to get pictures for your party invites AND it can double as some of your decorations. Since the photo session goes along with the party theme you can use the pictures as decorations at the party for a personal adaptation. With a themed photo session are you killing… like… three birds with one stone. Yearly pictures + Party invites + Party decorations. I guess you are killing four birds if you wanted to include getting a new cover picture for your Facebook profile. 😉

Here’s a look at how you could use the themed photo session for decorative pictures for your party:


IMG_7513and beyond

Here’s how we used this photo session to make party invites that went along with the theme:

Boy Story FRONT


Happy party planning!

Planning Themed Parties for Kids

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