The More Important Things


That is one of the main things people focus on this time of the year. It is what we travel miles and miles to reach. It’s the people we spend hours and a small fortune trying to find the perfect gift to express our love for. It is the feeling of comfort. It is the joy of memories.

I truly hope you were able to reach your family this holiday season, even for a brief while, because family is one of the more important things in life. Many attempt to capture as many photos as possible during family time to freeze the few moments we are able to be all together; and the moments are always over way too fast. Personally, I believe it is so important to be intentional about getting (current, up to date) photos with your family. You never regret having an extra picture, but you will always regret not having one that isn’t 5 years old.

For this reason, I was so happy I could capture this family’s moments together around Christmas time. This family came in from several directions across the Mid West, converging in the Tulsa area, for one of the more important things in life…. family.


The More Important Things

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